Happy Wheels Demo

Happy Wheels is a physics based realistic racing game with surprisingly and addictively gory twists. Each map and course is tricky and many are actually user generated maps that offer a unique and wide variation to the game.
The racers move like actual bodies for full realism. When the player misses a turn and falls into a pit with a giant spinning spiked pole the blood and body parts fly.
Happy Wheels has become a huge online game hit and thanks to the combination of blood, racing, guts and sheer enjoyment of dismemberment, the game has become a great free game. Select your racer and try to not crash yourself until you finish the race !.
You need a lot of skill and patience to finish all increasingly complex levels.

Happy Wheels controls
Control the Happy wheels vehicle with the arrow keys!
Controls: SPACE = Primary Action, Z = Eject, Shift & Control = Secondary actions.